What We Do

In the course of each search we establish the precise role and requirements, present the best possible range of options, and complete the appointment of the chosen candidate.

This straightforward statement of process hides myriad human issues; whether at executive or board level, the addition of an individual to a business represents fundamental change to the candidate and frequently to his or her new peer group. From a human perspective, each mandate we undertake has this potential for change at its core.

So why do we think we do this better than our competitors? The answer for us lies in our engagement with the market, the majority of which arises from our research process.

The global proliferation of information has commoditised desk research in the executive search industry. A well briefed and experienced researcher can now uncover in an afternoon what an entire research team used to take a week to find out. Desk research, however, is only a small part of the story.

MTT Convexity specialises in direct referrals resulting from developing relationships across the market. This is a very different proposition to name gathering by a separate research team. This is not to say we blindly accept what we are told, as sources' opinions frequently differ, but the process yields insight that more generalist or compartmentalised search firms cannot provide. Inevitably we develop closer relationships with our candidates and are the best prepared to manage the delivery of a successful hire as a result.

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